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At Lloyds Pallet Services we can provide heat treatment services compliant with ISPM15 Standards.

What is ISPM15?

In general, manufacturers of wood packaging must meet the International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures 15 (ISPM15), as this is the standard most commonly used around the world.

If you use ISPM15-compliant wood packaging for export, it must meet the requirements of the country where it was manufactured (or repaired), and it will also need to meet the requirements of the destination country. Lloyds Pallets meet these requirements.

These regulations are in place to help prevent the transportation, and subsequent spread, of diseases, insects or contaminants that could adversely affect ecosystems around the world. We only offer pallets that have been through a rigorous and certified heat treatment. The wood must have been heated in a special kiln to a specific temperature to eliminate pests and other contaminants. Pallets that have been through the ISPM 15 process will be stamped with a world-recognised authentication mark, including the logo of the International Plant Protection Convention.

Heat treatment for wood packaging has other benefits too because it tends to make the wood stronger, more durable and more weather resistant. We offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of heat treated pallets in the UK.